In order to ensure our puppies will be going to suitable choices and that families will be getting a puppy that they will be completely satisfied with. We kindly ask that you complete all of the following questions listed below. These questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way. Please feel free to add any additional comments. This information is important to us in order that we may be able to best match puppies to each individual home.

1. Name(s);




Postal/Zip Code;

Phone number

Email address;

2. Why have you chosen a Golden Retriever;

3. What breed(s) of dog(s) have you owned in the past?

4. Have you ever had to put a dog to sleep? If yes, please explain why;

5. Do you prefer a male or a female? Why?

6. Are you willing to accept the opposite sex if your preferred choice is not available?

7. Do you currently own any other dogs? If so, what breed / age / spayed or neutered?

8. For what purpose are you buying this puppy? (pet/show/obedience/field/breeding/other);

9. Does every member in your family wish to obtain a new puppy or adult?

10. Describe your family;

11. Do any of the family members or people residing in your home currently have asthma or allergies to dogs?

12. Is there someone at home during the day?______ If you answered no, how long during the day will the puppy/dog be left alone?

13. What arrangements will be put into place in the event you will be away from home for more than 4 hours?

14. Do you live in a house, apartment, town house, etc.?

15. Do you rent or own your current residence?

16. Do you have a fenced in yard? If not are you willing to erect a secure area - i.e. dog run?

17. Do you have a swimming pool? Is it fenced separately from the yard?

18. How will you be housing your Golden Retriever? (inside, outdoors, etc.)

19. Have you thought about how you will house break your new puppy?

20. Are you opposed to crate training your new puppy?

21. Are you willing to attend puppy socializing/obedience school?

22. Do you have a Veterinarian? If yes, may we contact them? (please supply name and number)

23. Have you ever competed with a purebred dog before? If so please supply details;

24. Have you ever bred a dog/dogs before? If yes, please elaborate;

25. If this is a show puppy, please supply a minimum of two references we may contact (i.e.: Breeders, trainers, etc.)

26. If you have other show puppies or adults, please list from whom they were purchased;

27. Have you owned a purebred Golden Retriever before?
Please provide references:

28. Are you against delayed spay / neutering?

29. Are you willing to feed the recommended diet we suggest? (quality diet to avoid diet-associated dilated (DCM) Cardiomyopathy)

30. Are you prepared to learn how to groom your new dog?

31. How did you learn about us? (ie: magazine, web site, another breeder, friend, veterinarian, obedience school, etc.)
Please give details:

32. Please feel free to add any additional comments you feel may be of interest;

Please return completed above questionnaire to us at your convenience. Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions or comments.

Copy and hi-lite form with your completed information. Once we have your email, we will contact you shortly thereafter.

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