Amberview (Perm) Reg'd

Covid has brought about a great demand for puppies, and most breeders are currently overwhelmed by applications.
At this time we do not have any litters available. Please check back with us late 2022.



 ***  Please complete an application if you are interested in a puppy from an upcoming litter.
Upon receiving your  Puppy Questionnaire  we will contact your family. ***


Adding a puppy to your family is a very important decision.  You will want to ensure that your breeder is responsible for continued after sales support, and that they offer copies of health information on the parents.  (Hips / Elbows / Heart / Eyes)

                                        Amberview Permanent Registered puppies are sold with the following:

                                        *  a comprehensive written sales agreement 
                                        *  Over 35 years of experience
                                        *  after sales support for the life of the dog
                                        *  Vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and plenty of TLC!
                                        *  gift package containing a sample of the food your puppy is currently on 
                                        *  an in-depth package containing valuable reading materials on crate training, puppy rearing,
                                            nutrition, diet associated dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) vaccinations and appropriate time to spay/neuter your pet.
                                       *  Six weeks pet insurance 
                                        *  pictures, pedigrees and health information on both Mom & Dad
                                        *  puppies will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club beginning with the prefix "Amberview" 

Our dogs are fed a carefully selected high quality diet.  Formulas are carefully selected according to the needs of Mom and puppies best interest. 

All family companions are sold on both a CKC non breeding agreement and provided information on when the appropriate time is to spay/neuter.    After carefully monitoring these little babies from the time they arrive in our puppy nursery, until they join your family.  We do our best to ensure each family will receive a puppy that will meet their life style needs.  Puppies are raised under our close observation, with lots of tender loving care. 
New owners are interviewed to ensure that they will provide a responsible, caring home for the life of the puppy. Puppies and new familes are assessed for compatibility to insure successful placements. 

Please feel free to contact us about information on any of OUR dogs !  We welcome visitors to our home, however we do ask that you call ahead for an appointment in order that we may plan our time.  This ensures all visitors will receive our full and personal attention.  Please visit our "contact" site for information on how to set up an appointment.


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